Friday 10 February 2017

Chocolate Dipped Figs with Orange and Almond

Dried figs stuffed with almonds and dipped in dark chocolate

Welcome to the start of the weekend, whoop whoop! Another busy week is coming to an end and our theme for the week has been contending with back to school germs, argh! Because nothing says back to school like a sink full of empty lunch boxes, an inbox crammed with school reminders and snotty noses. True story.

Turkish figs with orange and almond dipped in dark chocolate.

In keeping with February's chocolate theme I wanted to share this simple recipe for chocolate dipped figs stuffed with flaked almonds and orange rind. These guys are just too easy to make and the combination of dried fig, zesty orange and dark chocolate with a bit of crunch from the almonds is heavenly! Also, this is a fabulous edible gift idea - and you know how much I love those. 

Chocolate, almond and orange figs.

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Have a great weekend foodies! 




Makes approximately 12

Turkish figs stuffed with orange and almond and dipped in dark chocolate.

200g dried Turkish figs
2 tbsp flaked almonds, roughly chopped
zest strips of 1 orange
200g dark chocolate

Step 1.) Use a sharp knife to slit the figs lengthways. Do not cut them all the way through as you want the top and bottom to remain attached. 

Step 2.) Push a large pinch of flaked almonds and three strands of orange zest into each fig. Gently press the top and bottom of the fig together. 

Step 3.) Melt the dark chocolate. Dip each fig in the chocolate and place on a piece of baking paper. Set the figs aside until the chocolate has set, then store in an airtight container. 

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